Digital Teaching

This site began back in 2006, when Fitchburg State College (where I taught) started up its laptop initiative. I began experimenting with iWeb, a then-new Mac website program, to see how easy it would make the process of creating simple websites for teaching. Initially, my intention was to offer mentoring for my faculty colleagues, to encourage them to consider using their own websites to produce lessons, share information with students, and set up spaces to display and critique student work--as a class or individually. I felt then, and still do, that It’s time to take the long view, to try to see what the digital world looks like from a larger perspective--instead of getting hung up on how you are going to get there. So I published some of my experiments and discoveries here. From the perspective of ten years out, this all seems quite dated. The digital world has changed dramatically. As a result, I have archived most of that material, but would be happy to share my experiences with you if you contact me.

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