About Me

I taught U.S. history at Fitchburg State College (now University) from 1992 until I retired in 2013. 

Before that, I was a museum curator for fifteen years, at a large history museum in Rochester, New York. I curated many different collections, but mainly related to American domestic life during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I specialized in glass, ceramics, silver, and other metals. 

I also am an historian of food and have written two books on that topic. One of the great joys of my teaching career was leading groups of students to Verona, Italy, for a study abroad program, where I taught a course on the historical foodways of the Mediteranean. 

My other area of interest is the American colonial revival and my third book is a cultural biography of Alice Morse Earle, one of the most important popularizers of this movement. For many years I lived in New Ipswich, NH, but have recently moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. In my new Southwestern context, I am discovering a whole new “colonial”—that of the Spanish colonizers and their Native American hosts.

© Susan Williams 2016